Welcome to Saved Gear, an online Christian Clothing company.

Save Gear was founded in 2021 when the founders Adam and Jody Giacolone saw a need for a totally unique Christian Clothing company.

Sharing Your Faith:

Our Christian Clothing designs are made to provoke questions. Our vision for Saved Gear is to have designs that not only make a statement of faith and make others ask the person wearing it what it means.   Wearing the T Shirt is a Conversation Starter.

Christian Clothing at Saved Gear is one of the absolute best ways to share your faith in Jesus and his Gospel.  Sometimes it is hard to start a conversation with someone about  about Jesus.  Wearing our t-shirts becomes a conversation starter. It could start a conversation about the meaning of the t-shirt which opens that door for a blessed conversation about our Almighty God.

Sharing The Message With Our Designs:

In today's world Christian Apparel Companies like Saved Gear have a huge role to play in the coming revival of our faith. We, at Saved Gear believe our Christian Clothing can be a catalyst that opens so many doors for people to politely and lovingly talk to someone that may never hear the word of God.  And further to be exposed to the kindness that is offered to ALL of His Children.

Our Mission:

We are working hard as God tells us to spread the word of our Savior Jesus Christ through subtle yet effective artwork and wording on our Christian ClothingToday is the day that the Lord has made! Jesus gave us all a specific job - to tell others about his sacrifice he made for ALL of us and to be examples of his love.  The Christian Clothing we have at Saved Gear is the easiest way for most of us to share the word of God with others.  Our Christian Apparel is not aggressive or intrusive, two things Jesus was never.  We feel, as a Christian Apparel company, our responsibility is to make designs that do not just throw some words on a shirt and call it a day.   We want our artwork to be the center of our ministry.   

A Change in Direction:

Seven years ago, my wife and I started a food truck business. We worked so hard we never had time for anything including start a business like Saved Gear.   Then the Pandemic of 2020 hits us hard!  Suddenly, we had a bunch of time on our hands and my wife suggested starting Saved Gear - a Christian Clothing Company.   I had always been an artist so I thought it would be fun and fulfilling to feel like we were doing something other than just making money.   So here we are world!

Saved Gear, a Christian Clothing Company with some style and edge. We know the world may not understand some of our designs because they are not accustomed to some of the words we use or the imagery we have put forward.  That is where you come in!  When someone asks you what your shirt means please tell them with kindness and not condescension.

Christian Clothing at Saved Gear is your ministry as well.